Friday, September 23, 2016

A book and an article about remarkable innovators in the space race

You must read the blog post by Prof Vivek Wadhwa of CMU, at
It tells us about the Penguin book How to Make A Spaceship by Julian Guthrie.
It also talks about the great aircraft designer (visit About Burt Rutan and ).  I had passed through the Seattle Airport a few days ago and had spent a few minutes admiring the mock up of the Voyager aircraft Rutan had built for flying around the world non-stop, without refueling, thirty years ago. (Visit ) So, I was doubly thrilled to read Vivek Wadhwa’s article today.
There is a great quote from Burt Rutan I would like to bring to your attention as I conclude this short note:
breakthroughs help define our species – without them, we get boredom and mediocrity and low expectations for the future” (Visit ).

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