Friday, January 13, 2017

Can You Invent a Better World through Technology?


(Don’t worry! The competition described below is quite different from the one illustrated by the photograph above!)

IEEE Computer Society offers you an exciting opportunity to participate in a global student competition. Students are invited to create an innovative solution, based on the IEEE Computer Society 2022 report, that will solve a real-world issue. Visit

The IEEE report mentioned above focuses on 3D printing, big data and analytics, open intellectual property movement, massively online open courses, security cross-cutting issues, universal memory, 3D integrated circuits, photonics, cloud computing, computational biology and bioinformatics, device and nanotechnology, sustainability, high-performance computing, the Internet of Things, life sciences, machine learning and intelligent systems, natural user interfaces, networking and interconnectivity, quantum computing, software-defined networks, multicore, and robotics for medical care. Visit

Surely, the world will change a lot in the coming years and the 23 technologies covered in the IEEE Report will contribute to much of that change. Your challenge is to visualize an innovative solution based on some of these technologies and describe it briefly. Reward to the winner?  Travel expenses and some money!

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